FMV Estimator

Elevate Compliance. Save time and money.

Need to adjust physician compensation during these trying times?


Carnahan Group is working with healthcare organizations across the nation amid the COVID-19 outbreak to help resolve physician pay challenges. 


Utilize our FMV-MD™ platform to access comprehensive data and make timely and compliant compensation decisions.






We are Carnahan Group, an ingenious healthcare valuation and strategic consulting firm that leverages technology to better serve its clients.


At Carnahan Group, we think differently within the healthcare compliance industry. We recognize the necessity for faster, better, and more cost-effective solutions to support our clients and the communities they serve.


Throughout our 18 years of supporting some of the nation’s most prestigious healthcare institutions, we’ve refined our signature processes and tools to make sure that everyone in your organization has peace of mind.


With Carnahan Group, you can trust that critical business matters are in experienced hands.


FMV-MD’s FMV Estimator™ empowers users to view fully-licensed, blended data sources to more confidently negotiate and set physician compensation rates. This on-demand feature provides information regarding Clinical, Medical Director/Administrative, On-Call and Academic compensation. By populating a few pieces of information, the FMV Estimator™ produces rates by percentile for 265 specialties in a bar graph format. 



“The FMV-MD™ platform eliminates barriers to creating successful hospital-physician relationships through rapid FMV assessment and compliance support. We want to be there for our clients and our industry during these difficult times. Our platform allows teams working remotely to address complex physician arrangements. Moreover, it helps reduce stress on hospital operators struggling to develop the resources necessary to meet patient care demands.” 


-Chris Carnahan, Carnahan Group President


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